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KONTROL -Kontrol Krystals 1.0 Kg - Scent Free - 2 Litre Capacity

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    Kontrol Krystals, hygroscopic flakes of calcium chloride, attract excess moisture in the air like a magnet does iron filings, and helps combat condensation, damp, mould, mildew and prevent unsightly damp stains and musty odours. For use with Kontrol moisture traps our system is noiseless and requires no electricity or batteries for use, and begins working immediately.

    Our proprietary refill solutions allow you to continue to use our moisture traps once the Krystals have done their job. Supplied in resealable bags for ease of use and storage. The Krystals will last for 6-8 weeks depending on ambient conditions, and assist you in removing unsightly damp from the home, office or any environment where there is excess moisture in the air.

    500g will absorb around 1 Litre of moisture and allow you to continually manage the moisture content in an area with complete ease. The refill Krystals are for use in our Streamline and Mega Moisture traps.

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